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Ferrari 488 GTB  titanium


Bentley Continental GT


Exhaust System

Bentley Continental GT
2003 - 2011
Tip Style
Quad Tips
Tip Size
15.89 KG

Bentley Continental GT / GTC is part of Frequency Intelligent Exhaust – Signature highest performance product line fabricated out of ultra-lightweight, pure titanium material. Bentley Continental GT / GTC Fi EXHAUST Signature titanium valvetronic exhaust system includes a mid X-pipe, valvetronic muffler, remote control and is compatible with OEM tailpipes. The Fi EXHAUST Signature titanium exhaust setup provides bolt-on fitment resulting in a simple and efficient installation. The precision-crafted titanium system increases performance output by 5-10% without ECU tuning and weighs only 15.891kg. It’s the most premium exhaust offering the highest performance and style adding exotic and crisp exhaust sound frequency.

Ferrari 488 GTB titanium


Fi EXHAUST Signature Titanium exhaust is remarkably light. The weight is reduced by 46% compared to a stainless steel exhaust while retaining strength and durability.

Trolltunga, Norway

Exotic and Crisp Sound

There’s a distinct tone change between Fi EXHAUST stainless steel and titanium exhaust. The sound produced is crisp and exotic.

Fi EXHAUST  Forged Carbon Remote
Exhaust Pipe Wall Thickness
Fi EXHAUST Signature titanium exhaust pipe walls are 1.6mm thick and compared to other aftermarket exhaust options are also 0.6mm thicker. The thickness increases durability and quality of the exhaust sound frequency. Furthermore, making Fi EXHAUST titanium exhaust system few kilograms heavier isn’t significantly detrimental to performance, however, this design feature significantly improves safety of Fi EXHAUST users and bolsters longevity of the product.

Fi EXHAUST  Forged Carbon Remote
Exhaust Pipe Polish
Fi EXHAUST Signature titanium exhaust pipes are polished outside and inside to achieve aesthetic and performance benefits. The polishing process smoothes a titanium metal surface to remove imperfections such as nicks or scratches and improve exhaust gas flow and quality of the exhaust sound frequency.

Fi EXHAUST  Forged Carbon Remote
Titanium Exhaust Valve
When it comes to providing the best performance and weight savings every detail is important. Therefore, even Fi EXHAUST valve motor is made out ultra-lightweight titanium material.

Trolltunga, Norway