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What Is Exhaust Valvetronic (Exhaust Valve)?

The Valvetronic system is a variable valve system which allow exhaust branched into two paths.
This technology has been used on Ferrari / Lamborghini supercars for more than 10 years. FI is now are offering this technology in all our product lines.


    idle and part throttle exhaust gas routing.

  • valvetronic exhaust close

    full throttle exhaust gas routing.

  • exhaust valve open
How to control Valvetronic system and How does it work?

Vacuum Valves are featured in our valve systems. The negative pressure generated in the intake manifold of the engine board are utilized with vacuum valves and remote control module to open and close the valves as desired.
Control Module is included with all our systems, simply control by remote to set automatic, open and close modes.
CLOSE mode It helps the induction of car exhaust backpressure and increases torque at low rpm.
OPEN mode A free flow exhaust can bring Formula 1 sound and increase more horsepower at high rpm.
AUTO mode This mode will enable automatic open and close of the valves based on each car owner's individual preferences and driving habits.In this mode, you can set the valve to open and close by detecting various signals, such as boost, depth of gas pedal, rpm, etc.

  • Look Now!

    Lamborghini OEM Exhaust Sound VS Fi Valvetronic Exhaust Sound

  • Lamborghini LP560 white valvetronic exhaust
What Advantages come with ValvetronicExhaust Systems?

The performance of exhaust system is a perpetual battle between torque and horsepower.
A nice torque output will decrease horsepower, but to maximize horsepower output torque performance will inevitably be sacrificed under low speeds.
FIE has developed a complete set of exhaust valve system to solve the contradictions between horsepower and torque.
Furthermore, you will also enjoy the extreme contrast in sound between the valve changes, from a quiet profile to the signature F1 High Pitch Sound.
You will get unprecedented driving pleasure never felt before, including the horsepower, torque, and Formula 1 sound.

Any advantages of FI system beside valvetronic technology?

Yes, each of our systems are individually designed and customized for each car model.
To ensure best sound and performance on all of our product lines, we offer whole complete integrated system, and not only the rear muffler.
The major aspects and elements of our design is as follows:
I Best Performance with both horsepower and torque.
II Best Sound available, with both quiet and loud profiles.
III Zero drone inside of vehicle.
Most of our system also features individually designed X pipes. X pipes are designed to allow and promote improved scavenging effects by smoothing out uneven exhaust pulses from the engine firing order.
It also helps quiet down the exhaust, resulting in a mellow, less raspy tone and producing high pitch of F1 sound.Each muffler are special design to allow maximum output with zero drone. You can choose the 2 sound level between our 5 level setup.

Which Catalyst should I order?
  • To attain a higher and louder level of sound performance with our exhaust systems,Ultra High Flow Catless Pipe is recommended. Semi-Cat is included with all Catless pipes.
    Local laws and regulations governing the use of exhaust systems differ from country to country. This product should only be used on roads or venues where allowed by local law.
    We can NOT guarantee "NO CEL" with this unit because every car has different emission specifications depending on the country.
    Racing 100 Cell / Sport 200 cell catalyst is available as an optional component.

Exhaust tips can be selected style?

We offer Matte Black, Chrome Black, Stainless, Titan Blue, Gold color profiles.
Please Select brand and model to obtain more information and reference photos.

Ordering and delivery date.

FI Exhaust product can be ordered from our dealers worldwide based on your country/region.
If there are currently no dealers available in your country, please email or contact us for more information.
As all our products are custom-made, we will require 7-28 days for delivery.

What can I do with Fi EXHAUST APP?

Frequency Intelligent APP enables a user to control valves ON/OFF modes with their mobile phone. Compared with standard remote controller, the APP provides more options to set up auto mode preferences for RPM, Speed and Turbo Boost. The APP allows to change set preferences easier compared with standard control remote module.
Fi EXHAUST Mobile APP functionality is only available with OBD2/Mobile APP remote control module upgrade. And The APP can be downloaded both on iOS and Android devices.

What’s the difference between Standard and Upgrade remote controller?

Upgraded remote controller compared to the standard controller has one button sporty design to switch between Valves On/Off modes and stronger Bluetooth signal. Also a user can hold the central button for 5 seconds to activate Auto Mode, which switches valves automatically based on RPM, Speed and Turbo Boost data unit.